Arunachal : Leaving all the comforts of mother land, Kristudasi Sisters set forth to a land which was alien to them in 2012. Holding the name of Jesus they spread Good News, provided moral and human values, educated and  healed the people in Dhonekhona, a remote village in Namsai District of Arunachal Pradesh. The people here are belong to Kamti, Adi, Mishing, Miri, Assamese and Adivasi tribes. They are illiterate and poor. Most of the people are farmers.

In 2011 the Heralds of Good News fathers opened St. Paul School, Dhonekhona with the permission and blessings of bishop Mar George Palliparampil. The very next year, Society of Kristu Dasi sisters joined the mission specially for teaching in the school, and to run a primary health care centre. Two sisters are teaching in the school. Most of the Christian students are given free education in the school. To promote girls' education sisters started hostel for girls. Along with academic studies they provide spiritual, moral, psychological and physical education.

SKD sisterട started a village ministry, to work among women and children and to promote girl child education in the area. Mary Matha Health Care Centre is an  important concern of the mission in health care. The patients come from 10 surrounded villages even from 20 kms distance. Sisters provide home nursing service, conduct health care awareness programmes, medical camps, distribute medicines, distribute vitamins for children and women.

Sisters find out the poor, homeless, and other people who need special 
care and attention and help them by collecting money from various 

Covid 19 Activities

Special awareness programmes conducted for Asha workers and villagers, distributed sanitizer and mask. Distributed edible and stationary items to the poor villagers and those who were suffering from the pandemic.