Ashadham Hospital with Helping Hands

Ashadham Hospital with Helping Hands

Ashadham Hospital with  Helping Hands

Wirur: Ashadham Hospital in Wirur is run by Sisters of the Destitute, in Chanda eparchy. The hospital functions as a general hospital from the year 1966. Even today this is the only hospital to give medical care within the area of 50 to 60 kilometer covering 35 to 40 villages. Ashadham hospital extended its helping hand during the time of pandemic. 

The Taluk health officer, in collaboration with the Hospital,  organised antigen testing campaigns for the affected villages.  The hospital arranged service of the doctor - Dr. Sr Elizabeth Jose SD and nurses round the clock at the hospital, free of the registration fees and 50% concession for the full treatment. 

When people rushed to the hospital for oxygen to breath, The Collector, MLA, Tahsildar, and Gram panchayat, arranged oxygen points on the wall for each bed. Now the hospital is set up with 50 beds for the covid patients. During the second wave of covid 19, Ashadham hospital treated 60-80 patients daily both symptomatic and asymptomatic.

Fr. Robinson and sisters visited village by village with free food kit, medicine and ambulance service. The sarpanch local leaders and the ward members took initiative to find out the people in need. 

The management of the hospital is very happy for they could serve the people in the second wave of covid-19 through the institution.